At the beginning of 2003, the Lord put the burden of His Kingdom's need in our hearts through a brother's sharing of his visions in missions fields.

After earnest prayers and discussions among family members, we decided to put our burden into action. We established Sunshine Trading Company with the ultimate goal of using it as a tool to provide financial support to the various mission fields. Our initial plan was to set up two departments: Sunshine Bookstore and Sunshine Online Gift Store.

Sunshine Bookstore

As all of our family members have either full time jobs or study, we decided to operate Sunshine Bookstore as a mobile unit to serve the local churches at weekends selling Bibles, Christian books, videos/CD's, and gift items. Since the start of this unit in March 2003, all of its profits (excluding the cost of the goods) have been donated to support the operation expenses of Books Delight, the only Christian bookstore in Panama.

Sunshine Online Store

We imported New Day Creations products and put them on our website for sale. Its products include a series of poly-resin figurines with Biblical themes, such as Jesus Washes the Disciples's Feet, Jesus Knocking at the Door, Walking on Water, Bread and Fish, Daniel in the Lions's Den, Lion and Lamb, etc. These are all familiar Bible stories. Other products include refrigerator magnets, picture frames, and plaques. These products, handcrafted and hand-painted with unique colors, are ideal as gifts.

Books Delight

With the Panama 2000/2000 vision, the Lord has used His faithful servants in the growth of His Kingdom in Panama - from the 2 Chinese churches back in 1996 to the current 8 Chinese churches, 3 Gospel points, a Christian school, and a seminary.

In view of this considerate growth and the need for a Christian bookstore, Books Delight started to serve the Christian community in May 1997. In addition to the selling of Bibles and Christian books, tapes, CD's, musical instruments, and gifts, Books Delight also holds Spanish language and musical instrument classes.

Books Delight has been operating at a loss since its inception and is needing financial support for its operation.

New Day Creations (China)

New Day Creations is a U.S.-based company doing business in China. A Chinese couple started the factory in 1993 to manufacture poly-resin refrigerator magnets. Another American couple joined the operation and developed the product line to include figurines, picture frames, and other decorative items.

Their business goal is to put people before profits. With this goal, they developed the company into a multi-functional operation: the New Day Factory, the New Day Community Center, and the New Day Foster Home for physically disabled orphans. It is their desire to be a blessing to those around them. For them, reaching out is not an event, but a way of life.

New Day Factory

The New Day Factory is situated in Qing Yun Dian, a town 20 miles south of Beijing. It employs over 150 people and aims to provide them with fair wages, good working conditions, and opportunities to learn and develop vocational skills.

Its products include magnets, figurines, plaques, plates, and picture frames for sale throughout China and overseas. All of these products are made out of poly-resin and stone powder. Its products are handcrafted and hand-painted. It also runs a print shop for printed products and a wood shop for producing wooden plaque bases.

New Day Community Center

The New Day Community Center is a non-profit organization born out of a vision to reach out to people in its community. It is supported by donations and New Day Creations Company.

The goal of the center is to improve the quality of life for the local people through the offering of different classes - English, computer, business, marriage, parenting, finances, music, medical, and culinary.

English classes, taught by willing and experienced teachers, are the most popular. English teachers also come to teach the students and teachers in the local public schools as well.

New Day Foster Home

The New Day Foster Home, established in October 2000, is to provide more individual care for physically disabled Chinese orphans. It aims to coordinate with hospitals in China or overseas to provide corrective operations for the children's disabilities. The home provides a stable, loving environment for orphaned children until they are adopted into families of their own.

The foster home is a heaven for special children who come from the local Children's Welfare Institutes. Most of the children who come to the foster home have minor disabilities that are correctable. They choose needy children so that they can give them a better chance at a healthy life and adoption. Surgeries for the babies are made possible through the donations of supporters and through doctors and hospitals who offer their services either at a reduced rate or free of charge.